TIPHEDE Rug, flatwoven natural, off-white


A versatile rug made from recycled cotton, in colours that fit right in. It’s perfect under your dining table, in the living room or by your bed. When it’s time for a fresh-up, just put it in the wash.

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Lightweight and easy to move for airing or washing.
Suitable for use in your living room or underneath your dining table, as the flat-woven surface makes it easy to pull out chairs and clean.
Cotton is a soft and easy-care natural material that you can machine wash.
A perfect companion for all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.
Please refer to packaging label for country of origin
Use STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip for increased safety and comfort; to be placed under the entire rug.
You will need 1 STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip (165×235 cm) for this rug. Trim if necessary.
This rug fits with a 2-3 seat sofa, but can also fit other size sofas depending on how you place it.
It may take time for fold marks to disappear after unpacking your rug. Iron, if needed.
Length: 180 cm
Width: 120 cm
Thickness: 2 mm
Area: 2.16 m²
Surface Density: 700 g/m²


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